Koco Time

Hi, I'm Koco the Koala. Here you can find some of the fun things I do to take care of my mental health! #kocotime 

Dedicate this time to yourself; learn about yourself, express your feelings, and enjoy a cup of cocoa!

Start Here

(You don't have to follow these steps, skip around all you want!)

Hot Cocoa


  • Milk of your choice 

  • Water 

  • Cocoa powder 

  • Sugar 

  • Whipped Cream

  • Marshmallow



  1. Add Water, Cocoa powder and Sugar into a ​saucepan

  2. Heat till boil 

  3. Then add milk and continue to stir over medium heat

  4. As soon as the cocoa has reached desired temperature, pour it into a mug

  5. Top with whipped cream, marshmallows, chocolate chips, sprinkles- whatever your heart desires and enjoy!

Record  Your Mood

What is your mood percentage today? 

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Self care is very important. Have some time dedicated for yourself!

Write down what's on your mind

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