Can Koco Motivate You?


List Your Goals

Make a list of your daily goals. This will help you achieve small goals and motivate you to reach your bigger ones.


Focus On What Up-Lifts You

Read a quote, listen to your favourite song, or watch something funny. 


Pay Attention To Yourself

Sometimes we get carried away looking after others, that we forget to look after ourselves. Self-love is important!


Create Memories

Make time for yourself, hold zoom calls with loved ones, or have a movie night with family or friends.

Taking Care of Your Mental Health


Talk About It

Talk about what your feelings or what you're going through to a friend, family member, or mental health professional.


Take a Break

Step away from stressful tasks and come back rejuvenated. Go for a short walk, take a nap, or re-watch your favourite show!


Do Something You Enjoy 

Having fun helps you de-stress and boosts your mood. Play the guitar, cook your favourite meal, or read your favourite book.

Koco's Seven Ways To Positivity

Sing Your Favourite Song!

Run Into Nature

Make Your Favourite Dessert

Model For Yourself

Shake Your Hips Once A Day

Be Your Own Buddha & Meditate

Keep Smiling

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