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Who We Are

Smiles With Us is an environment you can embrace your smile in.

Our aim is to provide universal quality care and support with the power of encouragement. We provide a variety of resources for all ages, to support those struggling with mental health and raise awareness.  At Smiles With Us, you can express your emotions, understand your value, and discover your strength. 

Our Values

  • We act with integrity.

  • We respect others.

  • We act in confidentiality 

  • We encourage and welcome the power of diversity

  • We hold ourselves accountable in what we do

  • We smile, hoping to make you smile too. 

Koco the Koala


Our founder Mithy loves koalas and who can blame her, they're cute and cuddly. Koalas are more than that though, did you know they symbolise peace, gentleness and magic?


Koco represents the child in each of us that brings out joy and helps us find calmness in our lives. No matter what you're struggling with, you can turn to some of Koco's calming activities here to help.

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