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Inside Out

This movie shows how we all go through different stages in life. We need to accept both the good days and the bad days.

Joy provides happiness, laughter and is full of energy. When Sadness comes in, Joy doesn’t understand why there is a need for sadness. She not only tries pushing Sadness away, but Fear and Anger as well.

When Riley goes through changes, Joy tries to bring out the best. She soon finds out how to compromise with other feelings and make the best out of difficult times.

Joy comes to the realisation that we need all our emotions in our lives in order for us to be able to live life to the fullest.

Sometimes we aren't sure how to control our emotions as they pile on top of each other. We question whether they are good for us or going to lead us in a bad direction.

Don’t try to avoid your emotions or force yourself to be happy. Although people strive to be happy, sometimes we set ourselves very high standards of happiness and feel a crushing disappointment when they are not met.

We need to understand it’s ok to be sad on all intensity levels.

Remember changes occur often in our lives. Sometimes we all need a friend like Joy to drag us through our sad times. Sometimes we just need have a good cry to heal with Sadness. These are emotions we can’t avoid or push away. Without accepting them, we lose touch of our emotions, making it harder for us to understand them.



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